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Teacher Resources

Curriculum development projects undertaken by Rishi Valley Institute of Teacher Education, during the period 2006 to 2018, resulted in the creation of extensive teacher resources in the areas of:

1.       Pedagogy of Hindi for new learners of the language

2.       Pedagogy of Science for the middle school.

The work in pedagogy of Hindi culminated in the publication of the textbook and workbook series Hindi Ki Duniya 1 to 5, published by Orient Blackswan Pvt Ltd.

Hindi Ki Duniya and Additional Resources

The work in pedagogy of science led to the creation of a series of systematic science units, available in both Telugu and English, for classes 6 and 7, with a  special focus on environmental awareness.

  • In-house teacher development programmes
  • Workshops for outstation teachers
  • School support programmes
  • Developing mini-courses for teachers
  • Curriculum development projects

Exploring Science Series