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Rishi Valley School is dedicated to drawing the philosopher J. Krishnamurti's challenging vision of education into the daily transactions and practices of a school situated in the Indian countryside. Rishi Valley School has 360 boarding students from different states of India and sixty highly qualified faculty members. Regarded as one of the leading residential schools in India, Rishi Valley School provides a distinctive educational environment that enables young persons to grow not only in intellectual capacities, but also in other dimensions of their being.

New students to the school are chosen from an annual pool of applicants on the basis of character, talent, academic ability as well as parental background. The Junior and Middle School, with around 190 students from classes 4 to 8, provides a flexible curriculum, free from the pressure of examinations. This creates an atmosphere conducive to innovative teaching and a rich range of learning.

The Senior School, with 160 students from classes 9 to 12, is affiliated to the ICSE and ISC examination boards. The emphasis at this level shifts towards an in-depth preparation of students to meet the academic requirements of the prescribed syllabi. While developing the students' intellectual faculties, there is a conscious effort towards creating a wider awareness of the world and giving space for the development of the aesthetic, moral and emotional dimensions. Our hope is that students passing out from Rishi Valley School would grow into self-aware, sensitive and responsible human beings who remain life-long learners.

Facilities for the staff and students are simple but well maintained.

While the residential school is only one unit among others in the Education Centre, it functions as a resource base for other units by providing them with administrative support and broadly sharing with them its educational and human resources.

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