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The school's location in a serene and beautiful valley creates a natural, pollution-free environment for children to grow up in.

During their stay here students are encouraged to explore the surroundings through walks and hikes in the valley.

An evening gathering of the whole school, termed 'astachal', is held whenever the weather permits. Students sitting together and observing the evening sky changing colours have an opportunity to experience their thoughts in quiet reflection and come upon a quality of silence.

Students meet 6 days of the week for morning assembly: thrice a week the junior and senior schools meet separately. Whole school assemblies are musical; students either sing from a large collection of songs drawn from the regional languages of India or smaller groups perform for the assembled students. The 3 other days are dedicated to talks by students and teachers; to debates and inspirational readings.

Chants and Songs

Bird-watching is a regular activity for interested students. The school houses an Institute for Bird studies and Natural history that runs a correspondence course which is well-known all over the country.

A General Studies Programme for Class 11 is designed to extend students' intellectual horizon and acquaint them with the neighbouring world of marginal farmers, shepherds and daily wage earners. Students teach in the Rural Education Centre, visit villages and work in the Outpatient Clinic.

Biology students of classes 11 & 12 are involved in various projects relating to collecting data, assessing the nutritional and health status, looking at living conditions and economic status of surrounding rural communities.

Sports and games facilities include three leveled fields and several courts. Major Field games like cricket and football, as well as throwball, basketball, tennis and badminton are taught and played. Regular physical exercise is conducted in the morning, and an annual athletics meet provides a focus for the development of athletic prowess and talent.

Though we do not take part in any organized competitive inter-school sports, plenty of challenge is provided through coaching camps and invitations to outside teams for matches in various games. We also send a few teams to other schools for friendly matches.

Senior boys and girls enjoy an evening of western folk-dancing on the weekends.