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The Hindi Ki Duniya Series - Overview

The Hindi Ki Duniya series is a complete and enjoyable method for teaching and learning Hindi as a second or third language for primary school-children who do not speak Hindi at home. This method:

  • Develops spoken as well as written Hindi for non-Hindi-speaking learners
  • Provides grammatical explanations and also develops spontaneity of response
  • Develops comprehension skills as well as expressive abilities
  • Offers activities that are enjoyable yet purposeful
  • Includes games as well as structured written exercise
  • Provides rich exposure to language as well as systematic language-building that is age-appropriate.

The Hindi Ki Duniya series comprises of textbooks, workbooks, CDs, flash-cards and Teachers’charts. This activity-based teaching-learning material is made at three levels: Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced. The books, with rich illustrations, invite children to actively colour, draw and write in them, thereby making the books as well as the Hindi language their own. While the basic approach in the series remains the same across the 3 levels and 5 classes, each level builds systematically on the previous one and brings in new areas of focus.

The areas of focus for each of the levels are as follows:

Beginner level: Hindi Ki Duniya 1 and 2 for classes 1 and 2

  • Providing an exposure to sounds and script
  • Building a memory bank of vocabulary with sensitization to genderof nouns
  • Developing basic reading and writing abilities of the Devanagari script

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Intermediate level: Hindi Ki Duniya 3 and 4 for classes 3 and 4

  • Developing sentence structures for speaking and writing
  • Expanding vocabulary related to daily-life situations
  • Developing conversational ability

Advanced level: Hindi Ki Duniya 5 for class 5



  • Enabling comprehension of different kinds of texts written for children
  • Developing a grammatical understanding of Hindi
  • Developing the ability to express oneself in informal contexts, orally and formally in writing

The Hindi Ki Duniya series lays a strong foundation, by the end of class 5, for meeting all the objectives laid out in the syllabi of the CBSE and the ICSE boards for learning Hindi as a second language. It enables non-Hindi-speaking students to handle with confidence the prescribed textbooks from class 6 onwards along with their Hindi-speaking friends.