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The school year is divided into two four-month terms:
June 15 to October 15 and December 1 to March 31.

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+ Information on Scholarship Fund

Over the years the school has had to increase its fees periodically in order to keep pace with inflation. This has been unavoidable and to some extent it has had the effect of pricing the school beyond the reach of many middle class Indians. This has been of concern to us since the tag of exclusivity does not sit well with a respect for diversity. We have been able to generate a moderate scholarship fund out of which 50-60 students each year are subsidized to varying extents. This has enabled us to preserve a reasonable diversity on campus: for instance a number of children whose parents work in the developmental sector (NGOs) have benefited from this subsidy. They and their parents have enriched the educational experience of other children as well.

We need urgently to augment this fund, so that we can continue to support at least 60 children in spite of the inevitable increase in both expenditure and fees. We have found it easier to attract donations towards our rural educational programme (from individuals and agencies) than in support of children in the main school. This is not surprising but we feel that it is equally important for the latter to be supported, for the sake of several deserving children as well as the long-term health of the school itself. We solicit contributions, however small, to this fund. They could be either to the general fund or to sponsor / partially sponsor an individual child. For more information please contact the Principal.